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Preliminary Chester Budget
Shows 8 Percent Jump

CHESTER – While the board of selectmen have not yet agreed on final numbers to be sent on to the budget committee, their preliminary budget numbers show an 8.3 percent increase to the bottom line. An abbreviated board of selectmen met Thursday, Feb. 20, to review all budgets. In attendance were Joe Hagan, Joe Castricone […]

A Sign of Change?

Deliberative Attendance: Sandown Town 116 voters out of 3,643 registered. Sandown at Timberlane School 278 out of 3,643. Hampstead School 70 voters out of 6,033. Hampstead Town 44 voters out of 6,033. Derry School 245 voters out of 20,115. Londonderry Town 71 out of 15,944. Londonderry School 90 out of 15,944. Look at the Timberlane […]

Voters Amend Land Use Change Tax Petition Article

SANDOWN – A petition article to take funding away from the conservation commission has gone to the warrant with a key wording change following Saturday’s deliberative session. As petitioned, the article stated that by taking funds away from the commission, the taxpayers would see lower taxes. But noting the uncertainty or incorrect nature of that […]

Enough is Enough

A few months ago, we wrote about town officials’ “golden parachutes,” negotiated deals that allow high ranking officials to leave office but continue to collect their salary, receive medical benefits, and get other perks. We noted that plenty of taxpayers who don’t work for the public don’t use their job interview to negotiate their last […]

Green Challenges Numbers at Timberlane Budget Hearing

SANDOWN – Though she was ready to participate by phone, the Timberlane Regional School District Budget Committee voted not to allow Sandown representative Cathy Gorman to take part in the meeting immediately following its public budget hearing Thursday, Jan. 16. Sandown’s other representative, Donna Green, made the motion to allow Gorman to participate, but received […]

Deliberative Session Saturday
for Sandown Town Warrant

SANDOWN – This coming Saturday, Feb. 1, residents have the chance to head to Town Hall to spend a few hours listening to their neighbors and elected leaders discuss where their tax dollars will be spent in the coming year. The deliberative session is open to all registered voters, and while attendance hasn’t been great […]