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Selectmen Hear That Hampstead Insurance Rating Improves

HAMPSTEAD – The Town’s ISO – Insurance Services Office – rating has dramatically improved. That was the word from Hampstead Building Inspector and Code Enforcement Officer Kris Emerson to the Board of Selectmen on Monday night. Emerson explained that ISO is an insurer-supported organization with the primary mission of providing advisory insurance underwriting and rating […]

Selectmen, Recreation Debate Field Maintenance Budget

CHESTER – At the April 3 selectmen’s meeting, the recreation commission raised concerns over a selectmen decision last month to defund some of their field maintenance lines, but by the end of the night, finding that the lines hadn’t been completely zeroed out, members left assuaged.  Though selectman Rich LeBlanc said at the end of […]

Budget Committee, Selectmen
Are Far Apart on Numbers

CHESTER – After a meeting between the two groups on Thursday, March 27, it looks like the budget committee and the selectmen will be going to Town Meeting with two different budgets for voter review. The two groups could not agree on the numbers last Thursday, and by the end of the night their budgets […]

Default Budgets Operate on the Bottom Line

SANDOWN – Both Sandown’s school district and town budgets have gone to default this year, and there has been some concern over what that means for spending.  While some say that when voters turned down the operating budgets they were calling for a halt to any new spending for the year, as well as no […]

Police Station Construction Ready to Move Forward

HAMPSTEAD – Work on the new police station is ready to resume, after the Police Station Building Committee determined that the list of places where savings could be achieved was sufficient to allow construction to continue. The building plans remain unchanged, and the savings areas will go to the full Board of Selectmen for approval. […]

Selectmen Vote to Replace 11 Computers with Leased Machines

CHESTER – The board of selectmen has been talking about beginning a computer replacement plan for the town this term but until Thursday, March 20, gave little specific information to the public on the effort. Last week, however, the board discussed how to move forward in more depth, but most were unsure about the specifics […]

Town to Meet With Department
Heads Over Default Budget

SANDOWN – Though presented with several scenarios for moving forward with a default budget this year by finance director Cheryl Eastman, the board of selectmen has decided to wait to make any budget decisions until they can meet with department heads. On Tuesday, March 11, voters turned down the operating budget put together in previous […]

Chester Selectmen Move
Articles to Warrant

CHESTER – The board of selectmen moved about two dozen articles to the warrant, most of them unanimously. Even those that selectmen questioned were forwarded on, many agreeing that it was wiser to let the people at Town Meeting decide on them rather than leave it to the five selectmen.  Several of the articles moved […]