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Longtime Hampstead Planning Board Chair Retires

HAMPSTEAD – Longtime Planning Board member and committee chair Randy Clark has decided the time is right for him to retire. Clark, who has lived in Hampstead for 36 years, has spent about 25 of those years as a member and often chairman of the Planning Board. During those years he developed a wealth of […]

School Board Limits Retirement Incentive to Five Teachers

HAMPSTEAD – The Hampstead School Board has decided to follow the Hampstead Teachers Association contract and will award retirement incentive pay to just five of the seven teachers who plan to retire this year. The retirement incentive issue revolves around the portion of the teachers’ contract that says, “The Board will offer a retirement incentive […]

Hampstead Middle School Principal Announces Retirement

HAMPSTEAD – After almost three decades of being involved in education in New Hampshire, Hampstead Middle School Principal Patti Grassbaugh has decided to retire at the end of the school year. The Hampstead School Board accepted her resignation Tuesday evening, Feb. 11, with extreme regret.  Grassbaugh spent eight years at Hampstead Central School and the […]

School District Could Face Over
$200,000 in Retirement Incentives

HAMPSTEAD – After receiving a seventh request for retirement, the Hampstead School Board opened discussion of the retirement incentive contained in the Hampstead Education Association contract. The retirement incentive states, “The Board will offer a retirement incentive to as many as five members per year. The Board may offer an incentive to more than five […]

Enough is Enough

A few months ago, we wrote about town officials’ “golden parachutes,” negotiated deals that allow high ranking officials to leave office but continue to collect their salary, receive medical benefits, and get other perks. We noted that plenty of taxpayers who don’t work for the public don’t use their job interview to negotiate their last […]

Green Challenges Numbers at Timberlane Budget Hearing

SANDOWN – Though she was ready to participate by phone, the Timberlane Regional School District Budget Committee voted not to allow Sandown representative Cathy Gorman to take part in the meeting immediately following its public budget hearing Thursday, Jan. 16. Sandown’s other representative, Donna Green, made the motion to allow Gorman to participate, but received […]

Hampstead Planning Board’s Clark Announces Retirement

HAMPSTEAD – Longtime Planning Board Chairman Randy Clark announced Monday night that he does not plan to run for re-election. Clark then urged those listening to the meeting to step forward and run for the two seats that will be open on the Planning Board in March, his and Bill Weber’s. Clark said he is […]