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Preliminary Chester Budget
Shows 8 Percent Jump

CHESTER – While the board of selectmen have not yet agreed on final numbers to be sent on to the budget committee, their preliminary budget numbers show an 8.3 percent increase to the bottom line. An abbreviated board of selectmen met Thursday, Feb. 20, to review all budgets. In attendance were Joe Hagan, Joe Castricone […]

Selectmen Reach End of Road
with Town’s Historical Society

SANDOWN – Once again, progress on drafting an agreement between the board of selectmen and the Sandown historical society over use of the Train Depot Museum quickly vanished. But with an agreement nearly within their grasp, board members showed their frustration over the continued lack of progress, as once again they charged historical society president […]

Library Trustees Concerned
Over Lack of Water Contract

HAMPSTEAD – The Hampstead Public Library Trustees expressed concern that Gary Barnes, the owner of the well that provides water for the library, has not provided a contract. Library Director Debra Hiett and Trustee Emily Reschberger both told the Trustees at their meeting last week that Barnes is new to having to provide a contract […]

Fifth graders at Hampstead Middle School check out the University of New Hampshire Lunacats and their robotic excavator Friday.

Lunabot Demo

Fifth graders at Hampstead Middle School check out the University of New Hampshire Lunacats and their robotic excavator Friday during a presentation showing students the value of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).  Photo by Chris Paul

Snow Woes Continue

With snowstorms coming so close together these past few weeks, it may seem as if this is a winter for the record books, but that still remains to be seen. Nevertheless, it’s been a trial for all of us, but particularly for the highway departments. Most are over budget by now and prepared to dig […]

Sandown Crews Plug Away at Snow Removal

SANDOWN – In addition to 88 miles of road, most of it two lanes, the Sandown Highway Department is responsible for all town-owned parking lots, both North and Central Schools, the town’s multiple recreation and conservation areas, and all of the intersections and cul-de-sacs within those miles.  Like highway departments across the region, that work […]


Pinkerton Icemen Drive to Tournament With Gusto

The Pinkerton Academy ice hockey squad’s up-and-down 2013-14 season soared toward some definitive high points last week with wins over the Concord High Crimson Tide and, quite surprisingly, the red hot Londonderry High Lancers. First-year varsity coach Joey Lee’s Astro crew, which has spent a considerable amount of time with its record hovering below the […]

Chester Plows Through Snow Budget in Rough Winter

CHESTER – Car-high snow banks on Chester’s miles of streets are a clear indication of how much work the highway department and contractors have been putting into keeping the roads clear this year. It’s a season that has already exceeded the budgets allotted for snow removal, and road agent Mike Oleson is beginning to dip […]