Costs Released for Proposal
Design for School Bond Projects

HAMPSTEAD – At the recent public hearing on the School District Bond warrant article for a renovation and construction project at Central and Hampstead Middle schools, a question about how much money had already been spent on the proposal did not receive a complete answer.

The School Board has been working with Bread Loaf Architects, Planners and Builders of Middlebury, VT., for several years. The initial agreement with Bread Loaf was signed in December 2009, and produced a facilities assessment portfolio showing what Hampstead schools should look like as 21st Century school facilities.

The initial design portfolio was reviewed for each school and was found too expansive, as previously reported in the Tri-Town Times, and Phase 1 was carved out to include renovations and construction projects considered by the School Board and the Facilities Committee to be of an immediate need. Phase 1 resulted in this year’s bond proposal.

Following this month’s public hearing on the bond proposal, Hampstead School Board Chairwoman Natalie Gallo asked the School Administrative Unit (SAU) for an accounting of what had been paid to Bread Loaf to date. Initially the SAU reported the figure at $292,230, of which $209,375 had been paid.

Gallo recently received the final accounting for the project to date. The complete figure of what has been paid and what is owed to Bread Loaf totals $337,916.

SAU 55 Business Manager George Stokinger sent Gallo the following information:

• A Facilities Assessment of $27,090 was paid in March 2010.

• Phase One priority planning, October 2010, $17,460 paid.

• Design and pre-construction services, June through October 2012, contract of $293,366, with $209,375 paid as of December 2013, and $30,150 being processed for the next board meeting.

That means the total paid to date is $253,925, with a balance due of $83,991 of which a $30,150 payment is being processed.

The overall cost of the Central School project is $5,393,598, and the cost of the Middle School project is $786,922, bringing the total cost of Phase I to $6,180,520. However, when the 10-year bond interest is added, the total cost rises to $7,470,941.02.

If the amount already paid and payable of $337,916 is added to that, the total cost of the project would be $7,808,857.02.

The Central School project includes construction of a two-story addition with three classrooms per floor; improvement and expansion of the kindergarten wing rooms to bring them into compliance with state size requirements; a hallway, stairs and elevator to connect the new construction to the existing building; and a new skin on the exterior of the kindergarten wing to address energy loss because of the cinder block construction and the infiltration of vehicle exhausts. Included is the removal of the three outside portable trailers used now for two fourth grade classes, therapy services, maintenance, and two music rooms.

The Middle School component consists of a new entrance to delineate the main entrance and provide new security and address energy loss. The library will also be reworked to add windows and a skylight and remove asbestos.

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