Sandown Selectmen Approve Encumbrances for Several Projects

SANDOWN – At their last meeting before the end of the year, the board of selectmen agreed to a few small encumbrances of the 2013 budget.

Boards of selectmen are allowed to hold over to the next money appropriated in one fiscal year, with only a couple of justifications, the usual being that a contract is in place prior to the end of the preceding year. If the board does not formally encumber those sums, that money would be seen as surplus and placed into the town’s general fund.

Town administrator Lynne Blaisdell presented the potential sums during the Dec. 23 meeting.

A sum of $1,400 was held for the replacement of window shades at the town hall, a project the selectmen approved earlier in the month.

The sum of $2,380 was encumbered for duct cleaning at Town Hall, a sum approved in the 2013 budget but not accomplished before the end of the year.

In addition, $1,278 remained after a new pickup truck was purchased with money approved for that purpose by warrant article in March. The board agreed that it made sense to hold that money to help pay for winter snow removal overages.

And finally, a sum of $2,200 was encumbered for the town’s geographic information system (GIS) mapping software. The board has agreed to move away from current vendor Vision Government Solutions for its mapping software and will instead be contracting with Cartographic Associates, Incorporated (CAI). Blaisdell suggested the move based on comparable quality, ease of use and the fact that CAI will be able to initiate GIS mapping for less.

Over three years Vision was set to cost $8,700 for GIS mapping, and CAI $7,900. The sum of $2,200 was set to be paid to Vision for services in the coming year, but instead that money will be appropriated for CAI.

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