Recreation Director’s Pay Raise Survives Budget Committee

SANDOWN – The parks and recreation budget was approved without changes by the budget committee, with a 6 percent increase from last year’s numbers and a 15 percent increase in the recreation director’s salary.
Steve Brown, budget committee member and husband of the recreation director receiving the raise, motioned to approve the budget as presented Dec. 4 and then voted for the increase.

The budget passed 3-2. Member Cathy Gorman was not present.
Recreation director Deb Brown and recreation commission members Ron Dulong and George Blaisdell presented the three budgets under recreation’s control.
Budget committee member Dawn Nicolaisen led the way in questioning the department’s primary budget, largely focusing on line item specifics before discussion ensued about the director’s raise.
The budget includes a $2.72 an hour raise for the director’s position. The pay outlined in the budget has gone from $18.28 to $21 an hour, a raise that would bring the annual salary for Sandown’s director of recreation programs to $35,766.64.
Nicolaisen pointed out that the selectmen approved a 2 percent raise for all employees this year.
In defense of the raise, Deb Brown said she had been promised an increase in 2007, when the recreation committee determined that the rate of pay was too low. The recreation director stated that a pay matrix for the town was supposed to have been drawn up in 2008 to rectify the situation, but that never occurred.
Deb Brown stated she was the lowest paid department head in town, by a lot.
Though the recreation commission presented documentation of what other towns were paying their recreation directors, Nicolaisen pointed out that none of the towns listed were close to Sandown.
Deb Brown said the salary numbers were obtained through the New Hampshire Parks and Recreation Association and no abutting towns are members of the group; thus their salaries were not included in the justification.
Nicolaisen said she was concerned that the supervisory hours, a unit that Dulong stated was used to compare positions and their salaries, was only seven and a half weeks for the director’s position, for the summer recreation program’s duration.
Steve Brown motioned to approve the budget without change, a motion that carried with the support of himself, selectman Terry Treanor and Daniel Saltalamacchia. Chair Bruce Cleveland and Nicolaisen voted against the budget.
The budget calls for gross expenses of $90,882.12 and revenue of $1.
The other budgets under recreation’s control were also approved.
The recreation commission’s operations budget was reduced by $600 in the propane line on the strength of Nicolaisen’s questioning. Steve Brown motioned to accept the operations account, a motion approved unanimously.
The operations account was approved at a gross expense of $15,745.80 and revenue of $3,276, lower than the current year’s $16,767 and expected revenue of $3,495.
The summer and special recreation program budget was approved without changes. Steve Brown motioned for the budget to be approved in the gross expense of $64,018.76, with revenue from Summer Recreation of $49,787 and revenue from Special Programs of $4,140.
This budget shows a net expense increase over current spending of about 15 percent.
The budget committee’s final meeting is set for Thursday, Jan, 16, with an alternate date of Jan. 21.

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