Conservation Commission Hopes to Protect 40 Acres on Fremont Road

CHESTER – Another 40 acres of Chester’s land will be protected in perpetuity, thanks to efforts by the conservation commission and property owner Bill Ahie.
At their Dec. 10 meeting, following a public hearing that did not attract anyone to attend, the conservation commission voted unanimously to place a conservation easement on 40 acres at 75 Fremont Road.

The easement that will govern the property, should the board of selectmen give its final approval, will be fairly standard, according to commission chair Chuck Myette.
While it will disallow most building on site, it allows agricultural and forestry work.
While Ahie came before the board to suggest the protection, the commission entertained the idea because of the value and placement of the property, according to Myette.
It’s valuable land to the commission in part because it connects with other town-owned properties or town-held conservation easements, including a portion of the Spring Hill Farm property.
“It gives a large, undeveloped, contiguous property,” said Myette.
The conservation easement process in New Hampshire is governed by RSA 477:45-47.
The goal of the statute is to protect the land’s natural features and preserve it as open space for the public good. Best Management Practices are specified for any agricultural pursuits on the Fremont Road property.
The process generally allows a property owner to continue using the land, while giving up rights for certain intensive uses.
The 40 acres is accessible through a 4.5 acre piece with frontage, which was left out of the easement.
The commission agreed to pay $65,000 for the conservation rights. The property was assessed at $63,500, and the commission agreed to include the $1,500 appraisal cost in the final number.
The process still needs final approval from the board of selectmen.
The conservation fund currently has $279,009.49, according to the treasurer’s report described on Dec. 10.

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