Chester Employee Health Insurance Figures Could Rise

CHESTER – In the most expensive scenario, Chester’s employee health insurance plan will go up in the coming year by about 11 percent. The board of selectmen recently approved the offer from HealthTrust, the New Hampshire Local Government Center’s (LGC) health insurance provider.

The board made a motion to accept the plan at their Nov. 21 meeting but did not give any numbers or specifics to the public.
The numbers are largely for budgeting purposes, with HealthTrust giving a worst case scenario increase so that the town can budget appropriately. Later in the year, closer to the start of the fiscal year, the town will receive definite numbers.
The numbers the town currently has indicate that a single plan will cost $11,474, up from about $10,356. A two-person plan goes from about $20,712 to $22,948, and a family plan from $27,962 to $30,980, according to the finance office. Employees cover 10 percent of a single plan, and 15 percent for two-person and family plans.
Dental coverage was also approved recently, but numbers there remain level. A single-person plan costs $502.80 for the year, a two-person plan, $966.36 and a family plan $1,686.
The result of a Bureau of Securities Regulations’ legal order, in late August Chester received a refund of $28,503.99 from HealthTrust. The sum amounts to 12 percent of what the town paid in medical and dental premiums in 2010 and 2011 as part of LGC’s self-funded risk pools.
No public decision on what to do with the town or employees’ portion of that refund has been made yet.

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