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Appraising History

Devin Moisan, left, and George Foster were at Sandown Town Hall on Saturday for the annual Lions Club fundraiser, where residents brought in antiques to be professionally appraised. The two are shown estimating the value of some old promotional items. Photo by Chris Paul

Recreation Director Gets 15 Percent Pay Increase in Proposed Budget

SANDOWN – The board of selectmen approved a $2.72 an hour raise for the recreation director’s position in the coming year’s budget, with no questions asked. The pay outlined in the budget has gone from $18.28 to $21 an hour, a raise that would bring the annual salary for Sandown’s director of recreation programs, Deb […]

School Board to Ask Voters to Fund Construction

HAMPSTEAD – The Hampstead School Board voted to move forward with renovation and construction projects at both Hampstead Middle and Hampstead Central schools, although the cost figure they voted on was later found to be incorrect and below the projected cost.

Tax Rate Going Up in Chester, Thanks to Town Meeting Votes

CHESTER – Taxpayers are looking at a relatively large increase in their taxes this year, and though most of what led to that increase is the direct result of voters’ decisions earlier this year, selectmen expressed shock at the numbers.

Making A Stand

The perseverance of residents in fighting a proposed Dumpster Depot near their Derry neighborhood finally paid off last week when the Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA) upheld their appeal of the Planning Board’s approval. The citizens’ group stayed organized and active throughout the six months it took them to go through the process and eventually […]

Work Begins on Hampstead Middle School Pavilion

HAMPSTEAD – Ground was broken last week for the Hampstead Middle School Pavilion. The project started toward the end of the summer of 2012, when the Hampstead Parent, Teacher and Student Association (PTSA) presented a proposal to build a 20-foot by 30-foot pavilion next to the parking lot and soccer field at the middle school. […]

Hampstead Budget Committee Takes Look at SAU Numbers

HAMPSTEAD – The Hampstead Budget Committee, in an unusual move, invited School Administrative Unit (SAU) 55 officials to present their budget. This move arose because the SAU budget for the first time will be a separate warrant article for all the member towns, with taxpayers voting on it instead of having it as a line […]

Tropic Star Gas Station/Market Continued Again

HAMPSTEAD – ∂Developers of the Tropic Star gas station and convenience store proposal requested a continuance at the last minute for their Planning Board appearance. The plan was supposed to be heard at the Nov. 4 meeting but is now scheduled for Dec. 2. Tropic Star is a plan for a gasoline fueling center and […]