Official Tax Rate Set, Increases Slightly in Chester

CHESTER – The tax rate has been officially set in Chester at a total of $25.17 per $1,000 of assessed home value.
While the numbers were tentatively released on Thursday, Nov. 14, as reported by the Tri-Town Times, they were recently finalized by the state Department of Revenue Administration (DRA) and announced at the Thursday, Nov. 21 selectmen’s meeting.

The town rate is set at $6.90, up from $5.18. The local school rate is set at $14.79, up from $14.43. The state school rate is set at $2.44, down from $2.60. The county rate is set at $1.04, level with the current year.
The total tax rate for 2012 was $23.85.
On the school side, though local school spending is down, a drop in revenue of $469,951 from state aid has had an impact.
On the town side the increase largely comes from voter-approved monies for what many call overdue roadwork.
In May, $200,000 was placed into a capital reserve fund for roadwork through the Capital Improvements Program (CIP) and $200,000 was approved for asphalt this year.
Selectmen approved taking $100,000 from the unreserved fund balance to help reduce the impact.
When the tax rate was set in 2012, the town saw a decrease in all areas. In 2011 the town rate was $5.77, the local school rate was $15.02. The state school rate was $2.78 and the county rate was $1.09.
The tax bills were sent out Nov. 21 by 2 p.m. Because of the late arrival of the bills, an extension of five days for payment has been allowed by the DRA.

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