Recreation Director Gets 15 Percent Pay Increase in Proposed Budget

SANDOWN – The board of selectmen approved a $2.72 an hour raise for the recreation director’s position in the coming year’s budget, with no questions asked.
The pay outlined in the budget has gone from $18.28 to $21 an hour, a raise that would bring the annual salary for Sandown’s director of recreation programs, Deb Brown, to $35,766.64.

The increased number was revealed during a review of the recreation department’s budget requests for the coming year at Monday night’s selectmen meeting. None of recreation’s three accounts received questioning from the four-member board.
Recreation commission chair Ron Dulong, member George Blaisdell and Brown presented the budgets.
Dulong explained that the recreation commission had that night approved the raise.
Selectmen Jim Devine and Hans Nicolaisen, both voting members of the recreation commission, were present for that discussion earlier that night. Nicolaisen said the raise was the second half of a decision to bring the recreation director’s pay up to what other towns pay for the position.
This year’s proposed increase for the recreation director totals about 15 percent.
The selectmen approved a 2 percent merit raise for all employees earlier this budget season.
Nicolaisen said that in 2008 a raise was given, with the understanding that a similar increase would be given at a later date.
Nicolaisen said that with the added duties the director has taken on, it was a justifiable increase. Specifics of additional workload were not outlined Monday night.
Chair Tom Tombarello echoed Nicolaisen’s statements.
“I’m fine with it,” said Tombarello. “I know she’s a hard worker.”
The recreation budget, of which the director’s salary is one line, was approved for review by the budget committee at a gross expense of $90,882.12, and revenue of $1.
That budget shows an increase from current spending of $85,477.41 of more than 6 percent.
The summer and special programs budget was approved at a gross expense of $64,018.76 with revenue of $53,927. Current year gross expense totals $61,449.08, with revenue of $52,663. It’s a net expense increase of nearly 15 percent.
The recreation building operations account was approved at a gross expense of $16,473.80 and a revenue of $3,276, a small reduction from the current year’s gross expense of $16,767 and expected revenue of $3,495.

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