Ground Broken for Sandown Firefighters Memorial

SANDOWN – Construction of the Sandown Firefighters’ Memorial has begun.
Volunteers were out on Friday, Nov. 15, to establish a solid base for the large brick structure to be created in front of the fire station. The memorial’s goal will be to remember all of those who give their time, and sometimes lives, to the fire service and is something that while long thought about by the department, was given a push by the death of longtime chief Irving Bassett last year.
Integral to the work are Select Excavation and Landscaping of Sandown and Busby Construction of Hampstead. Brothers John and Dan Ferreira of Select were busy all day digging, trucking and leveling fill for the base. Busby donated all the fill for the project.

Members of the department were out as well, handling the hand tool work.
“It’s really coming along good,” said department member Jerry Lachance. He also pointed to the continued public support of the project as heartening.
The monument will be comprised of a 20-foot-wide octagonal brick pad, centered with a pedestal, atop which will stand the iconic firefighters’ bell.
Residents can support the monument through the purchase of engraved bricks. Each brick costs $65 and can be engraved with a family name or the name of a serviceman or woman to be remembered. The bricks can be engraved in the name of the donor, a family or anyone important to the donor, and do not have to be those of a firefighter or rescue worker.
Already the brick orders have been coming in. Some just have a family name, while others remember deceased family members or persons currently serving overseas.
One simply says, “For All You Do.”
The deadline to have a brick engraved for the monument’s official unveiling next Memorial Day is Jan. 1.
Three flagpoles will be erected as part of the project. The first, which will carry the American flag, was erected earlier this month. The Sandown Republican Committee and the Lions Club each promised a donation of $750 for one of the poles.
Once the base is done, the department will leave it alone over the winter months to make sure it has properly settled. Work will start again in the spring, said fire chief Bill Tapley.
Visit the fire department’s page at for information or call 887-4806.

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