Job Posting Advertises for Chester School Superintendent

CHESTER – The School Board made quick work of its monthly agenda last week, as Superintendent Jim Gaylord updated the board on the search for his replacement.
Gaylord is retiring at the end of the school year and has started the process to find a new superintendent early so as to make sure the district is in a good spot by the time he leaves. The job posting went out Nov. 8. All applications and resumes are due by Dec. 6, with a July 1 start date.

Principal Leslie Leahy told the board at its Nov. 6 meeting that an anonymous donation of $300 was recently received. The donor specified that while it was up to the school to use the money as leaders saw fit, preference would be for the music or art programs. The donor said that often those programs are the least funded and most overlooked. Because the music program received a sizeable donation last year, Leahy decided to move that money to the art program, to support the students’ projects.
The school also recently received a Rural School grant from the U.S. Department of Education for $10,000, a sum used for the replacement of 11 computers in the computer lab. The plan is to replace the remaining 16 machines with grant funds next year, at no cost to the school.
Teacher Patty Serrano gave the board an overview of the school’s preschool program, using a PowerPoint presentation citing the strategies and efforts the program uses to reach its charges. Fifth grade science teacher Shawne Hilliard also spoke about her classroom activities in hands-on science, from students learning the scientific method to building a native American style Wetu out of rolled newspaper.
The board noted that they were impressed with both teachers’ efforts and teaching styles.
Leahy also gave the board an overview of the school’s efforts to bring portions of the school’s curriculum in line with Common Core State Standards. Included are English, Language Arts and Mathematics, as well as literacy standards for Social Studies and Science.

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