Ground-Breaking for Police Station Expected Soon

HAMPSTEAD – Even though the bids to construct the new Hampstead Police Station came in higher than hoped, the contractor selected has worked with the Police Building Committee to reach the project’s targeted amount.
Gary Chicone Construction of Weare, recommended by the committee and chosen by the Board of Selectmen, has been successful in working with the committee to lower the cost. While the start of construction is a little behind where the committee had hoped, work is expected to begin within the next week to 10 days.

Chicone, the low bidder, bid $1,443,313. The total amount for the project approved by the voters at 2013 Town Meeting was $1,638,000, and the target amount allotted to construction by the committee was $1.3 million. The balance – $338,000 – has to cover the cost of site work, utility hook-ups and buying furniture, as well as paying the architect, Kyle Barker of Barker Associates of Concord.
Committee Chairman Steve Londrigan said Chicone has been wonderful to work with and as a team they looked for ways to save on the project and bring the cost down to the target amount.
“We have successfully come to an agreement and we came up with a final cost figure that is just a little less than our target amount of $1.3 million,” Londrigan said. “So we are in good shape. Chicone came to the table ready to help us meet our cost target and we have accomplished that and then some.”
Chicone has selected Chad Bennett of Bennett Construction in Hampstead as a sub contractor to do the site work, and agreed to purchase as much material as possible from East Coast Lumber, also in Hampstead. These decisions meet the desire of the committee to, where possible, have local contractors and businesses as sub contractors.
A conflict of interest question arose regarding the selection of Bennett because he sits on the Planning Board but after an in-depth investigation, it was determined that did not provide Bennett with any kind of an advantage and he was cleared of any conflict of interest concerns.
Paul Wentworth of Hampstead was selected by the Board of Selectmen to act as Clerk of the Works. Wentworth had previously resigned from the Building Committee to apply for the Clerk of the Works position. He has come to an agreement with the committee regarding his hourly pay and the maximum number of hours a week he will work.
The original target date to break ground was Nov. 1 but if the ground breaking takes place within the next 10 days, the overall start to construction will be only a little over two weeks late. Chicone said in his bid that he would be able to complete the job in 200 days, which translates loosely to finishing by the end of the first week in June.

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