Home Burglaries, One with Assault, Reported in Chester

CHESTER – Chester police responded to a burglary in process last week, only to find that one of the home’s occupants had been assaulted.
On Oct. 29 about 2:30 p.m. the police responded to a call from 25 Great Oak Drive. En route from Chester were Chief Bill Burke and Lt. Aaron Berube, supported by officers from Sandown, Fremont and the Rockingham County Sheriff’s department.

At the scene, police found that the son of the homeowner had been assaulted and had lost consciousness for a time. He was attended to by paramedics and transported to Parkland Medical Center in Derry.
Burke suspects that the man was attacked by two burglars. Injuries on his face and body indicate that he was hit both by hand as well as with an object. The victim is legally blind and details of the assailants were limited, said Burke.
According to police, the burglars broke into the home through a basement door in the rear of the house, but they don’t know if they arrived on foot or by vehicle.
The occupant heard his dogs barking during the break-in and went to investigate, at which point police say he was attacked.
The burglars absconded with both jewelry and cash.
Burke said his department is actively looking for suspects. “We take this very seriously,” he said.
Though Chester hasn’t been immune to burglaries in the past, it has been quiet lately, said the chief. But on Nov. 3, the department learned of another burglary that they suspect happened on the same day in the same area.
According to police, though the owner of a home on 5 Shepard Home Road was away for the week, when he returned home this past weekend he found his place had been robbed.
Reportedly entry was gained through a first floor window, and the burglar or burglars got away with a jewelry box that contained a gold chain and crucifix that had high monetary value but more importantly, significant sentimental value. The owner has posted a reward of $1,000 for information leading to its return.
Other items stolen included a ring, bracelet and a black Special Forces knife and sheath.
Police surmise the two incidents could be connected.
Anyone with information is urged to contact the department at 887-2080.

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