SAU Budget Includes Boost in Merit Pay, Human Services Salary

Donna Green, a resident of Sandown, questioned the School Administrative Unit (SAU) 55 Board on the reasoning behind a $93,000 increase in insurance in the proposed SAU budget.

SAU 55 covers the Hampstead and Timberlane school districts; Timberlane encompasses Sandown, Atkinson, Plaistow and Danville.
The board had previously attributed the increase to the unfunded liability relating to SAU staff who don’t now but might in the future decide to take insurance coverage.
Green said this can’t be a new unfunded liability and asked how was it covered previously and whether it was covered by money taken from the Timberlane District budget.
Superintendent Earl Metzler responded that the budget proposal has to cover all exposures and disagreed with Green’s inference that previously the unfunded liability would have been covered under the Timberlane budget.
“It never happened,” he said.
He added that last year two things happened: a pool of money was set aside for merit pay, and administrators were asked to double the amount they pay for their health insurance, resulting in some going home with less salary than before. He said some of the merit pool money was not spent and it went back into credit for the next year.
The budget includes a 3 percent increase in the merit pay pool for SAU staff, and several board members raised concerns about this being too much of an increase and represented an upward trend. After discussion, a motion was made and approved to reduce the increase in the merit pool for all SAU staff to 2.5 percent increase.
The board then approved the proposed SAU 55 budget total of $1,487,025, with the default budget lower, at $1,455,409. The budget includes an increase of $2,500 for Human Services Director Nancy Danahy, whom Metzler said is underpaid, compared to other districts.

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