Hampstead School Budget Still Work in Progress

HAMPSTEAD – Assistant Superintendent Roxanne Wilson told the Hampstead School Board that administrators are still putting all the budget pieces together and the personnel piece is the biggest, as usual.

Wilson told the board the New Hampshire Local Government Center (LGC) had forwarded the “guaranteed not to exceed” amount for insurance so the numbers for that piece are firm, not estimates.
She said she is working on Pinkerton Academy enrollment and it appears there will be 20 fewer students next year, but she is waiting for the NESDEC (New England School Development Council) projections to confirm it.
At this point she said it appears there will be 435 students, and that will reduce tuition costs. Hampstead tuitions its high school students to the semi-private Pinkerton Academy in Derry.
The NESDEC projection is anticipated by Nov. 12 and Wilson said she was prepared to bring more budget information to the board at the Oct. 29 budget meeting. She said the numbers at Hampstead Middle School show more students than projected, which will probably result in the need to add a sixth grade teacher. However, she said, the overall enrollment in the district for all grades is exactly what they have.
In other business, the board learned that Pinkerton had sent a letter to Superintendent Earl Metzler saying it was in the process of organizing scholarship awards for this year’s graduating class. Pinkerton requested Hampstead to notify it by Nov. 15 regarding its plans for continuing with School Board scholarship awards and any changes being contemplated.
The board briefly discussed the scholarships, noting it awarded a $300 scholarship to a female and male Hampstead resident who graduates each year from Pinkerton. After board member Jim Stewart questioned the amount of the scholarships, member Jason Cipriano told the board in the classes he teaches, a single student textbook costs at least $260.
The board voted unanimously to increase the scholarship amounts to $500 for each award.

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