Weare Contractor Chosen to Build Hampstead Police Station

HAMPSTEAD – The Board of Selectmen has approved low bidder Gary Chicone Construction Corp., of Weare to build the new Hampstead Police Department.
At a special Monday night meeting, the board approved the recommendation made by the Police Building Committee. Chicone’s bid is $1,443,313.

The selectmen opened the eight bids on Wednesday evening, Oct. 16, and read the bid amounts, then handed them over to the Police Building Committee to review.
The total amount approved by the voters at Town Meeting for the building is $1,638,000.
Dube Plus of Hampstead submitted a bid at $1,782,092, which did not include a bond but stated the project could be completed in 182 days. SNF Construction Management, also of Hampstead, bid $1,791,314 and said it could complete the job in 140 days. It included a check in lieu of a bond.
The other bidders, all from New Hampshire, are: Meridian Construction of Gilford, $1,499,700, with a bond included and project completion in 180 days; Turnstone Construction of Milford, $1,554,900, with a bond included and completion in 180 days; Eckman Construction of Bedford, a bid of $1,514,000, with a bond included and project completion in 224 days; Hutter Construction of New Ipswich, a bid of $1,615,000, with a bond included and project completion in 147 days; and Gary Chicone Construction Corp. of Weare, a bid of $1,443,313, with a bond included and project completion in 200 days. Hampstead contractor Houston Builders and Gary Barnes declined to submit a bid.
The bids came in higher than anticipated, including two in excess of the voter-approved maximum and Hutter Construction’s bid likely too close because architectural and other associated costs must be covered in the approved total as well. That left four of the bids at a low enough cost to fit the project’s budget.
At Monday night’s meeting, chairman Sean Murphy was out of town but attended via speaker phone.
Steve Londrigan, police building committee chairman, said the committee checked references and spoke with people for whom the company had built buildings, and all of the responses were positive. Architect Kyle Barker had done in-depth checks and said he thought this was a good choice as well, citing the positive feedback.
Londrigan said Chicone had said he was happy to work with the committee and suggested it make whatever changes need to be made before the final contract is signed, thus avoiding a 10 percent change fee.
“He is willing to work open book with us saying here’s what it will cost me and this is what it will cost you, and he’s willing to work with us to get us where we need to be,” Londrigan said. “But we need to work slowly and carefully to get this final contract right, so I don’t think we will make the proposed ground breaking date of Nov. 1.”
The selectmen unanimously approved the committee’s recommendation of Chicone Construction and then listed the five applicants for the Clerk of the Works position. They are: Paul Wentworth of Hampstead, Christian Prescott of Hampstead, Architectural and Innovative Solutions of Manchester, William Mackenzie of Bristol, and Jared Rounds of Manchester. The resumes will be available for the board and committee to review and a decision will be made at the Oct. 28 selectmen’s meeting.
In other business at the Oct. 16 meeting, Selectwoman Priscilla Lindquist said Fire Chief Michael Carrier had talked with her about placing a communication antenna at Town Hall. He said the fire department wants to increase the quality and breadth of its communication and Town Hall is the highest mid point in town. Carrier said he is keeping all of his communication and dispatch options open at this point.

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