Conservation to Take on Field Cutting to Keep Budget Level Funded

HAMPSTEAD – The Conservation Commission will present a level funded budget for the coming year.
At its meeting last week, the commission discussed taking on some of the field cutting themselves, rather than hiring out, to save money. They also decided not to ask for additional money for the Trail Account this year.

In other business:
• Member Paul Carideo told the commission he had questioned the site plans for the new police station when it came before the Planning Board but thinks his concerns had been largely ignored. He said the additional run-off from the new building would end up going across and negatively impacting the conservation trails, with more water ending up in the swamp area.
Carideo said the commission should consider putting in a culvert to take the flow of water from the construction site under the trail. This will require adding fill to make the trail usable in the spring.
He noted that his comments asking the planners to add a swale or take other measures to mitigate this impact didn’t elicit any positive response.
• Both Carideo and Chairman Tim Lovell said they had looked at Shop Pond but neither had time to take a kayak out to check the fanwort population. A Big Island Pond resident had said the weed was back as badly as before the chemical treatment used to eradicate it. Both Carideo and Lovell said that from a cursory inspection they found this not to be the case but admitted there was probably some fanwort in the pond.
“We didn’t expect to get it all and they told us we would have to treat it again in two or three years,” Lovell said. “We probably need a follow-up treatment.”
He and Carideo said they would check the pond more closely and then would discuss what if anything needed to be done.

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