Police Building Plans Go Before Planning Board

HAMPSTEAD – The Police Building Committee brought the site and building plans for the town’s new police station to the Planning Board Monday evening, even though the project does not require Planning Board approval because it is municipal and exempt.

Planning Board member Neil Emerson expressed appreciation for the committee’s decision to come before the board. He said it was gratifying to see the committee expect its contractor to behave just as any project contractor would in presenting the project to the board.
Mark Gross of MHF Design Consultants, Inc., the project’s civil engineer, and architect Kyle Barker of Barker Architects, Inc., were present Monday night. The Planning Board members expressed several concerns relative to the plans, all relating to drainage and run-off issues.
Planning Board member Paul Carideo, who is also a member of the Conservation Commission, said the commission is concerned that increased run-off and drainage from the police building construction will flow across the Stage Road area conservation trails, making several of them unusable during the spring. He said the drainage plan as proposed doesn’t do enough to mitigate the increased drainage flow.
Several others on the board expressed similar concerns about the drainage plans and asked whether more could be done in terms of swales and culverts to mitigate and control the potential increases.
Gross said he would take their concerns under consideration and review the old Iron Gate plans, and see if the drainage controls that were assumed to be in place from that development are actually there. The Iron Gate housing development was built in 2007, and at that time, Veterans Way was added and became a town road. Veterans Way will be the entrance to the new police station.
Barker reviewed the building plans, and the board asked for copies of both the building and site plans. Planning Board Chairman Randy Clark noted that there is still an Iron Gate bond being held.
In other business Monday night:
• The Tropic Star gas station and convenience store proposed development at Routes 111 and 121 still does not have its state permits and requested and received a continuance until the November 4th meeting
• The board was notified by its attorney that the Depot Development case is being scheduled on the Supreme Court docket. Clark said while everything is on hold at this point, the developers can still cut brush on the parcel if they choose. The Depot Development gas station and convenience store project is proposed for the intersections of Depot Road, Derry Road and Main Street.
• Clark said the New Hampshire Historical Society had responded to the board’s question about the Depot Development stone walls. He said the society said it had reviewed the plans and visited the site and deemed the stone walls “not historical.”
• Carideo asked the board for several waivers regarding the letter from Town Engineer Nick Cricenti on the Emmert property, which the Conservation Commission is in the process of purchasing. The board granted all the waivers, based on the fact the land will be open space and conservation land
• The Hatem development at Owen’s Court requested a continuance until Nov. 4, which the board approved.
• Rosemary Berube’s request for a lot consolidation was approved without discussion, as she owns both contiguous parcels

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