Old Home Days Committee Considers 2014 Change

SANDOWN – The Old Home Days Committee began talks on possible changes to next year’s Old Home Days weekend. The committee had asked members of the public to bring in their concerns and read through suggestions given to the group after the event. But members of the public did not attend or give feedback.

One of the first issues tackled was whether the event should be moved to a different date or location. Traditionally Old Home Days festivities are held on the first weekend in August behind Central School.
The committee went back and forth on moving the date. One suggestion was to keep some of the key Old Home Days events, like the fire department’s chicken barbecue, the fireworks and the Sandown Five Miler, on the traditional day, but use a different time of year for some of the other activities.
Members were clear that if things were to change, public input was necessary, if only to alert people and give them time to prepare. Committee member Paula Gulla said she would work on getting a survey on the town’s website and copies at the town hall and public library.
As far as improvements, the committee agreed that this year’s games were a success, but thought families were looking for old-fashioned field day games and races. Something is also needed for teens, members agreed.
Other issues considered were the wind, making it difficult for vendors to hold down their tents on the pavement, problems with vendors taking up handicapped parking spaces, the length of the parade and the resulting slowdown of Main Street traffic, and the need for more varied acts on the two stages.
Should the fair start time be pushed back? Committee members noted that most residents don’t show up until 10 a.m. or so, even though events begin a couple hours earlier. A later start date could have attendees going straight from fair activities to the chicken barbecue, whereas now there is downtime, when many go home.
Before the group wrapped up they discussed how much they should ask for in a warrant article to support the events next year. This year $6,000 was raised through taxation, and some members said that because of the ever increasing cost for rides and a desire to increase the fair’s offerings, they should ask for the same sum this coming year. Others said that because there was money left over this year, the warrant article should be reduced by $500 or $1,000. No decision was made.

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