Britton Sentenced to 50 to 100 Years for Sexual Crimes

CHESTER – Police officers, Chester residents, victims and their relatives were pleased to hear Rockingham Superior Court Judge N. William Delker give former Chester resident Gary Britton, 61, more years in state prison than he likely has left to live.

Delker handed down the sentence at Rockingham Superior Court in Brentwood on Monday, Sept. 16, the courtroom half filled with those who hoped to see the convicted sexual predator put away for life.
Delker made a point when handing down the sentences to say that Britton would not be free again. “The sentence I am imposing is intended to guarantee you will never see outside of the walls of the New Hampshire State Prison until you are carried out in a casket,” said Delker.
Earlier this year Britton was found guilty of sexually assaulting a girl for years, beginning when she was 9 years old. Days later he also pleaded guilty to 10 counts of possessing images of child sexual abuse.
It came to light during his trial that while in custody, Britton manipulated his daughter to try to conceal his crimes, by directing her where to find an illegal handgun and a hard drive.
The victim in question is suspected to be one of many that Britton abused throughout his 61 years. The girl lived with Britton and was regularly victimized. Much of the state’s case relied on the victim’s statements, and it was made clear that Britton threatened further physical harm if the child were to tell what happened.
The victim stated in court Monday that she was not believed by her mother when she told of the abuse, the scars of which have traveled with her throughout her life and her relationships.
“I can’t explain enough how uncomfortable it would make me if he was free,” she said.
Another victim of Britton’s also spoke on Monday, a woman who came forward to the Chester police during their extensive investigations, but who suffered at Britton’s hands beyond the statute of limitations.
“He doesn’t deserve to be out. Ever. Save the other kids, please,” she said.
This second woman also spoke of once and twice weekly abuse at the hands of Britton, starting in 1977 when she was 6 years old. Assistant County Attorney Brad Bolton said that as a child, she was abused and threatened by Britton and was told that he would kill her brother or pets if she should tell what happened.
Prosecution argued for a 35 to 70 year sentence, Bolton speaking of how particularly distasteful the facts of Britton’s behavior were.
“It gives a clear image that children not of his blood are just objects for him to use, and that’s a very alarming mental state for the State to deal with,” Bolton said.
Britton was convicted in 1983 of Aggravated Felonious Sexual Assault. That conviction involved a victim younger than 13 years of age. Also on his record are previous charges of failing to register as a sexual offender and a stalking charge, both in 2001. And in 1979 he was convicted of indecent exposure and lewdness.
Bolton stated that he has handled many child sexual abuse cases and while they are all disturbing, the crimes didn’t usually happen so regularly as in Britton’s case.
“There was nowhere this child could go to get away from this. There was nowhere for her to go. I’m surprised that she survived,” said Bolton, emphasizing the kind of damage the abuse has on children throughout their lives.
Bolton also pointed to a victim statement from one of the children in a video of child sexual abuse that Britton had in his possession, speaking of how the disturbing act depicted in the video is not separate from real world consequences and the abuse depicted.
Britton’s defense asked for a lighter sentence, 15 to 30 years, and spoke of Britton’s mental deficiencies in comprehension and his own sexual abuse when he was a child, and pointed to his community activity and the fact that he owned a business for 30 years. The defense looked for time on parole rather than in prison, but with strict monitoring if he were to leave state custody.
Delker was clearly disgusted with the extent of Britton’s crimes and the length of time over which he had committed them, saying to Britton, “You are literally everyone’s worst nightmare.
“I could go on for an hour articulating how many ways that you are a menace to society…And the victims in this case who were brave enough to stand up and make sure that you don’t harm another person, most importantly another child, should be commended for their bravery,” said Delker. “The sentence I’m imposing in this case I’m confident will ensure that you never harm another child again.”
Delker made a point to give the full sentence for all counts of the possession of child abuse sex images, despite them being academic following the imprisonment terms for Britton’s other charges.
Delker pointed out how appropriate it was that the official term is no longer child pornography, as the new term made clear that it wasn’t a crime of simply possessing images, but “a crime that victimizes real children in unspeakable ways.
“Those young children were brutalized in unspeakable ways and their lives are ruined forever and ever by that as well,” said Delker.
Chester police chief Bill Burke and Lt. Aaron Berube were both pleased with the sentence. While Burke initially arrested Britton for his failure to register annually as a sex offender, he was clear that the 2-year-long process of securing the rest of the charges was in the hands of Berube. Burke had high commendations for his officer on that front.
“The goal of the Chester police department is to aggressively investigate any reports of sexual assault,” said Berube after the sentence was given. “It was a long investigation that took many twists and turns, but through the diligence of the Chester police department, the Rockingham County Attorney’s office, Attorney Brad Bolton, Derry police department detective Kennedy Richards and Justice Delker, an appropriate sentence was found, to give justice to the victims of the sexual assault.”
The police officers on hand were given several thanks by those in attendance Monday.

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