Hampstead Zoning Board Approves Two Requests

HAMPSTEAD – There were only two hearings scheduled for the Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA) on Thursday, Sept. 5 and both involved construction. The board heard both requests and unanimously approved both.
The first request came from State Rep. John Sedensky and his wife Beverly to add a garage at their 147 Wash Pond Road property. The request was for a Special Exception to permit construction of the garage on a non-conforming lot and for a variance to allow the garage to be less than 30-feet from the side setback.

The ZBA members asked if the garage could be a single car garage and thus have more than the 15-foot set back. They also questioned why it was located on the Blue Heron Road side of the house.
Sedensky pointed out that on Blue Heron Road, which runs along the side of his property where the garage would be built, has lots of small homes with no more than 15-foot set backs simply due to the size of the lots and the houses’ closeness to the street. He indicated that the garage couldn’t be put anywhere but the spot selected because of size constraints and the slope of the land down to the lake on the other side. He said the 26-foot by 24-foot garage and the 14-foot by 8-foot mud room connecting the house to the garage are needed because of his medical issues making walking to his car in winter -if parked in the driveway- difficult when he needs to get to Concord. His wife needs her car parked in the garage as she is still employed and has difficulty with the snow covered access to the driveway parking.
Sedensky had two letters from abutters that were read into the record and both said they had no problem with his plan.
The ZBA voted unanimously to approve the special exception and then voted unanimously to approve the variance.
The second hearing was a request from Kevin Bartolotta for a special exception to allow him to raze an existing seasonal dwelling and to construct a new seasonal dwelling in the same footprint at 60 Shore Drive.
The present dwelling has been vacant for about four years and the cement block foundation is crumbling. Bartolotta said a similar plan was approved three and a half years ago but was never executed. He told the ZBA there was a Shoreland Protection permit issued at that time and several waivers.
The waivers will not be needed because Bartolotta’s plan adjusted placement and a well has been moved. A septic permit was previously given. The new construction, a 20-feet by 38-feet house, would actually be slightly smaller than the present dwelling and meets all the set backs.
Members of the ZBA were concerned that the Shoreland Protection permit and septic permit were previously granted and wanted proof that these permits are still valid for the new plan as presented. In view of that concern they unanimously granted conditional approval subject to providing evidence that the permits are still valid.

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