Selectmen, Committee Work on Police Station Bid Request

HAMPSTEAD – The Board of Selectmen and the Police Building Committee met in workshop session with a view to getting the answers needed to push a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the construction of the new police station as far along as possible. As the Board of Selectmen will take ownership of the RFP and the bid results, Police Building Committee Chairman Steve Londrigan wanted it in on as many decisions as possible regarding the RFP.

Introduced to both selectmen and committee members was the American Institute of Architects’ Contractors Qualification Statement, which each contractor offering a bid will be required to complete. The form is also approved by he Associated General Contractors of America.
“This will go a long way to helping us eliminate pitfalls and may provide information needed to disqualify or qualify contractor bidders,” said Londrigan.

The selectmen agreed that they wanted New Hampshire references but it was decided not to set a specific geographic boundary. Nevertheless, it was agreed that neither group wanted a contractor from out of state or from a long distance. While at least one committee member wanted to include encouraging contractors to use local sub-contractors, it was decided the legality of such a statement would have to be checked, as would requiring a list of subcontractors.

The two groups agreed on insurance and bonding requirements for contractors. The bond from the winning contractor will be held by the Town Treasurer, Harold Williams. Selectmen Chairman Sean Murphy agreed to contact Town Counsel to get answers on the legal questions.

How construction waste would be handled and where fill would come from if needed were also discussed, and it was decided the contractors would be responsible for these in the RFP.
Both groups also want a Clerk of the Works to keep track of quantities and quality of materials and generally oversee the construction process. They agreed on a maximum of 15 to 20 hours a week for that position. Committee member Kris Emerson said he would draw up a draft job description and after conducting research would suggest an hourly wage. He noted that one of the committee members has volunteered to be the Clerk of the Works and he will be named and approved after the job description and salary are set and approved.

“This person will be charged with protecting the Town’s interests,” Emerson said.
Londrigan said he wants the RFP package sent out Sept. 16. He said architect Kyle Barker would forward the RFP and the supporting documents for the packet to Selectmen’s Administrative Assistant Sally Theriault to send out. The bids will have to be in by Oct. 16, and a special selectmen’s meeting will be held at 7 p.m. Oct. 16 to open the bids, with another special meeting Oct. 21 to make the award.

“We may have to hold a couple of meetings between Oct. 16 and 21 to get it done,” Emerson said.
“We will be sending out the Contractor’s Qualification document for contractors to complete this weekend and those interested in being considered in being invited to bid on the RFP must return the completed document by Sept. 11,” Londrigan said Friday. “This will give the committee and the Board of Selectmen time to review and research the Qualification Documents and decide to whom we will issue invitations to bid as of Sept. 16, as planned. This will cut down on the number of contractors who will be bidding and limit them to ones the committee and selectmen perceive to be qualified and desirable.”

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