Sandown Selectmen Begin Annual Budget Review Process

SANDOWN – The board of selectmen has officially entered budget season, reviewing and approving a number of the smaller town budgets at their Aug. 26 meeting.

Reviewed were the finance department, supervisors of the checklist, moderator, patriotic purposes, assessing and a few debt accounts. These budgets saw little to no change from the numbers brought in by department heads.

Finance was approved at a gross expense of $62,555.
The supervisors of the checklist’s number was approved at a gross expense of $3,725 and revenue of $50. The only changes made on the budget were the result of typographical errors on the supervisors’ stipends of $1,000.

New town moderator Nelson Rheaume presented his budget and was approved at a gross expense of $8,450 after a few corrections and changes to his numbers were made. It was agreed that some of the moderator’s numbers may have to be reviewed when additional information is received from town clerk Michelle Short, who has more detailed data on the cost of elections.
The assessing budget was approved at $82,152.

A brief discussion on the cost of fireworks was spearheaded by acting chair Brenda Copp. She expressed concern that while the fireworks display at Old Home Days was good this year, it may not be so good next year if the town doesn’t add a bit to the account to offset inflation.
The rest of the board disagreed, saying they were comfortable with the display and expected another good one next year.

Town manager Lynne Blaisdell said some discussion with the fireworks vendor, American Thunder, indicated that the town may get a longer, busier show if it reduces the size of the shells. The board agreed it was worth examining.

The patriotic account, which includes the fireworks, was approved at a gross of $4,600.
The numbers were sent on the budget committee for further review.

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