Hampstead Selectmen Approve Recycling Contract Extension

HAMPSTEAD – Recycling and Waste Disposal Committee Chairman Pat Bracken made a successful case Monday night for extending the Kent Farm Transfer Station contract with Casella for a year, rather than putting together a Request for Proposal and going out to bid.

Bracken told the Board of Selectmen that the committee was prepared to go out to bid if the board wanted, but his object in seeking the extension was to bring all the Recycling and Waste Disposal contracts to one date so they can all to be renegotiated in 2014 and begin in 2015. At this time only the Kent Farm Transfer Station contract is out of sync.

The board asked about the terms for the extension. Bracken said Casella offered to continue to add the same increase as has been added the past two years: a one dollar increase per ton and $5 increase per roll off, bringing the totals to $77 per tipping ton and $140 per roll off.

With that, board members Rick Hartung and Priscilla Lindquist expressed support for getting all the contracts on the same page. Board Chairman Sean Murphy asked if the price was competitive, and Bracken said he didn’t know and wouldn’t, unless they went out to bid.

The board voted unanimously to approve extending the Transfer Station contract with Casella for one year.

In other business Monday night:
• The selectmen received three bids for the Town’ Building and Grounds and Cemetery F350 truck. The bids ranged from a low of $2,632.12 from Asian Auto to a high of $5,333 from John Lewis, with Brantley Construction bidding $4,777.75. The bid had a stipulated $4,000 minimum bid for the truck, so the low bidder was eliminated. The Board of Selectmen accepted the high bidder, John Lewis.
• Selectmen’s Administrative Assistant Sally Theriault told the board there was sufficient money in the budget to cover the cupola work with Mid-Maine Restoration and the painting on the front of the Town Hall building. She said money for the generator can be put into that line as cash and used to cover the painting.
Lindquist was adamant that the painting should be done, saying the building is in the center of town and everyone looks at it. Hartung agreed but added that the board should look for other places in the budget to get savings.
The board voted unanimously to have the front of the building painted, and Theriault said she would contact Jeff Ayres and get it started.
• The board received the news that the coming year will be when the state requires a complete property revaluation. The last complete revaluation cost the Town about $90,000, Theriault said. The board agreed that money needed to be put into the budget for this because there is no choice.
• The board approved the appointment of Joe Guthrie to the Ordway Park Committee.

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