Colbert Plans to Retire from Recreation Commission Next Year

HAMPSTEAD – There are changes ahead for the Hampstead Recreation Commission. Chairwoman Kim Colbert has been at the helm for a number of years and announced at last week’s meeting that this is her final year.

Colbert asked for a volunteer from the commission to serve as co-chairman for the coming year in order to learn the ropes of running the group, but no one was willing to commit. A couple of members said they needed to think it over before making that big a decision.

The commission needs new members, Colbert added, noting that some members don’t show up, but even if they all were there, more active young people are needed to make the commission effective. She asked each commission member to talk to people who might be a good fit and see if more commission members could be generated.

One project Colbert is determined to complete before she retires is getting a basketball court built. This has been something she has suggested and worked at without success for a number of years. The commission now has a place for the court – the field off Veterans Way by the tennis courts. The next major hurdle is coming up with the necessary funds.

Colbert said she plans to put in a warrant article for funding the basketball court but she and the commission want to get as much money in hand as possible prior to that. She plans to go to the selectmen to seek their support and input on the project.

With funding the major thrust right now, a letter will be sent from the commission to local businesses, organizations and residents, seeking tax-deductible donations for a mid-size outdoor paved basketball court with official size baskets and backboards.

In other business at the Aug. 19 meeting, the commission heard:
• The fields, particularly field three, need work. As a result, soccer will use only a portion of field 3 so it can be worked on.
• The company doing the cutting is not picking up cuttings but needs to do so and to cut under the bleachers and around the backstop
• Baseball and softball infields are in need of work – spraying, tilling and raking.

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