Nov. 1 Ground Breaking Expected for Police Station

HAMPSTEAD – The Police Station Building Committee is working hard to get ready for construction this fall.
At its latest meeting last week with architect Kyle Barker, the committee was able to put the finishing touches to the draft site plan, which should be finished by the end of August. The date for the RFP (Request for Proposals) to be sent out has been set for Sept. 16.

Committee Chairman Steve Londrigan said the committee wants to meet with the Board of Selectmen so that board can make a final decision on several aspects of the RFP – to whom it is sent, any restrictions, what to accept from contractors, bonds or lines of credit, and other financial details. The architectural firm will prepare the RFP draft and provide the package of plans and specification documents to support the RFP.

“We will provide the board with advice and with our recommendations, but they have to make the final decisions and own the RFP,” Londrigan said. The site plan was adjusted last week to reduce the size of the impound yard to accommodate two cars rather than three. Decisions were made regarding snow removal, and Road Agent and committee member Jon Worthen suggested minor adjustments that would make that process easier and more efficient.

Decisions were also made on the location of the Dumpster, the propane tank, the outside mechanics, the generator and power equipment, and the committee decided to fence in the tow area for safety reasons with a chain link fence and set the number of parking spaces at 14 behind the station for officers and cruisers, and seven in front for the public. To accommodate meetings and training sessions and activation of the Emergency Operations Center, an area off to the side of the entrance driveway will be graveled to provide additional parking.

Londrigan said some minor adjustments were made to the location of the security cameras and to the electrical plan. With all those changes in place, Barker said he would be able to hand over the completed plans by the end of the month. “This is good news,” said Londrigan. “We will meet with the selectmen, get the RFP out by Sept. 16, and our target date to break ground is Nov. 1. That is later than I had hoped but it is still plenty of time to get the building up, sealed and weather tight before the winter hits. We should be able to be in by the spring.”

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