Site Plan Prepared for New Hampstead Police Station

HAMPSTEAD – The new Hampstead Police Station, while still a work in progress, is making strides toward becoming a reality. At their meeting Wednesday night, Aug. 7, Police Building Committee member Kris Emerson of the construction subcommittee said Mark Gross, the engineer working with the architect, has prepared a site plan and it will be presented to the committee along with specifications and budgeting information at its next meeting. Emerson said the plans should be available to the committee by the end of the week.

“It looks like we are really close,” he said referring to the anticipated cost of construction and the overall plan. The committee plans to meet with the architect, Kyle Barker of Barker Architects in Concord, at its next meeting, when they will go into detail on the cost factors and preparation of the Request for Proposals (RFP). This meeting will deal primarily with financial data and most will be in closed door session.

Committee member Jon Worthen said he had sought sample RFPs for building construction and provided chair Steve Londrigan and Emerson with what he had received, noting these would help them make sure everything was being covered. Barker will be drawing up the RFP.

The RFP will send bidders to the package that will contain the plans and the specifications, Emerson noted. Worthen said when he spoke with the Pelham group that had just completed building a new fire station, they had found problems with the tile used. It proved to be slippery and has resulted in a lot of Workers’ Compensation claims.

“We need to check into this and make sure we don’t use the same thing they did, or at least provide carpets or something to avoid this issue,” Emerson said. “We need to see if there is anti-slip variety or what anti-slip measures can be applied. I will check this out with Kyle.”
Crane Financing of Salem has built a new facility and offered its used office furnishings to the Hampstead Police. Police Chief Joe Beaudoin said he would contact them and arrange to look at what they were offering, and if it is in better shape than what the department already has, he would make arrangements for storage.

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