Conservation and Emmert Get Conditional Approval

HAMPSTEAD – The Conservation Commission has been trying to complete its purchase of Joan Emmert’s 16-acre parcel off Collette’s Drive for more than a year, and now it is a step closer to happening, thanks to the Planning Board’s conditional approval to the proposed subdivision Monday night.

Initially the Planning Board had set requirements that far exceeded what the Conservation Commission thought should be included in a survey and subdivision of the land and subsequent site plan. Once that was ironed out, the commission had difficulty getting the land surveyed.

Monday evening the Conservation Commission and Joan Emmert brought the site plan to the Planning Board for the subdivision, with Jeff Green presenting the plan. The lot for the Conservation Commission would be non-buildable and for conservation purposes only. The 10-acre parcel retained by Emmert would be a buildable lot.

The board and Town Engineer Nick Cricenti questioned whether the soils on the 10-acre lot met Hampstead Zoning requirements for a buildable lot. Green had raw data he provided and Cricenti, after examining it, told the board it appeared there would be more than enough of number 3 soils or better to meet Hampstead requirements.

Planning Board Chairman Randy Clark also questioned whether the Town owns the land to the south, abutting the proposed conservation acquisition. It is listed as owned by the Town of Hampstead but Conservation Chairman Tim Lovell agreed it is managed by the Society for the Preservation of New Hampshire Forests and is probably owned by that group, but qualifies as Hampstead conservation land.

Clark wanted the ownership correctly listed on the site plan. The board then voted for conditional approval of the proposed subdivision, subject to clarifying that the soils on the 10-acre lot meet Hampstead requirements for building and that the ownership of the land abutting the acreage the Conservation Commission wishes to purchase is properly identified and listed. The board voted unanimously to approve the subdivision subject to those two conditions.

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