Police Station Committee Looks to Fall Ground Breaking

HAMPSTEAD – While the construction sub-committee of the Hampstead Police Building Committee had hoped to get out the Request for Proposals (RFP) for construction of the voter-approved new police station by mid-July or August, that’s likely to come later, with a ground-breaking target of late October or early November.
At present the intent is to get the RFP out by the middle of August and receive the bids by mid-September, with the contractor selected and ready to go by mid-October.

Financing of the project will be handled by Town Treasurer Harold Williams and the Board of Selectmen. Williams attended the committee’s Wednesday, July 24 meeting and listened to what the committee had been told by the architect regarding a probable payment schedule, with an upfront payment followed by monthly payments as construction takes place.

Williams wasn’t confident that what architect Kyle Barker of Barker Architects in Concord suggested has happened in the past or was likely to happen now, but he said as long as the committee keeps him informed and gives him as much information and advance time as possible, he thinks he will be able to handle the payments.

He said he thinks he can handle the $1.2 million allocated for construction but was more worried about the remaining balance for equipment and furnishings, which will fall due at the end of the construction in the spring. He said planning and careful management would probably take care of everything and thanked the committee for including him, saying that being able to plan will go a long way toward making things work out.

The payment for the police station will be taken in two amounts, one from the December taxes and the second from the spring 2014 tax payments. The construction sub-committee has met with Barker and two companies that volunteered to provide technical, electronic and engineering information regarding infrastructure requirements. Barker now has that information to incorporate into the design.

Two-Way Communication and JM Security representatives offered technical expertise on wiring and electronic requirements for such things as security cameras, the communication tower and location of wiring and outlets.
Committee member Kris Emerson said the decision was made to go with normal key locks for internal office doors and to use the more expensive electronic key locks only for doors that need to be secure.

Member Jon Worthen said he plans to go before the Board of Selectmen to seek permission to use fill from the Kent Farm Transfer Station if doing so would save money. Once the site is surveyed and staked and he knows how much fill is needed, he will make the decision.

“If it would only save $500 it probably isn’t worth the effort, but I am thinking it might save us multiple thousands and if that’s the case, I will seek permission from the selectmen,” he said.
Member Tony Ramsay said everything is moving forward except the site survey and site plan work, as engineer Mark Gross has been on vacation. Emerson is anxious for Gross to complete the site plan so it can be brought to the Planning Board for input and approval.

Ramsay said the heating system selected is 98 percent efficient and most if not all of the lighting will be LED, so the building would be as green as possible.

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