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Changes Planned for Frogs at Old Home Days Event

SANDOWN – The Old Home Days Committee is looking at modifying how the traditional frog jumping competition is handled during the annual summer festival. While things have been run in a certain way with the competition for years, the committee was recently approached by a concerned resident and someone who knows a thing or two […]

Doing Our Share

Whether or not border guards and high fences make any difference in stopping illegal entry into the United States, they have no impact at all the invaders in our midst every day. Conservation officials remind us that invasive plants are a problem in our towns. And they’re a problem in our waterways as well. According […]

Cable Expands Into New Room at Hampstead Town Hall

HAMPSTEAD – The Hampstead Cable TV Advisory Board has expanded its base of operations in Town Hall. With the Town’s Human Resources Department outsourced to Derry, that office, which is next to and connected to the cable studio, became available and Cable snapped it up. The room is the place where Cable began. The extra […]

Trash Cans to Make Comeback at Wason Pond

CHESTER – Trash cans were removed at the Wason Pond Conservation and Recreation Area in an effort to reduce stray trash on site but the effort hasn’t worked, and selectmen have asked that the barrels be replaced. The area is carry in/carry out, which means that users are not supposed to leave their trash behind. […]

Contract Sought with Historical Society for Depot Museum Use

SANDOWN – The board of selectmen has agreed to move forward with setting up a contract between the town and the historical society for use of the Train Depot Museum. The building itself plus 10 feet of land is owned by the town but used for the historical society’s museum. While the selectmen aren’t looking […]

Happy Ending in Sight for Chester’s Lincoln Lane

CHESTER – Lincoln Lane has been given official board of selectmen approval to become publicly owned, once it meets town standards, and residents were given a break on its construction cost because of a couple of calls made on their behalf. Residents of Lincoln Lane have been meeting repeatedly with the board of selectmen and […]

Sandown Ambulance Billing Approved by Selectmen

SANDOWN – By Sept. 1, the Sandown Fire Department will start billing for ambulance rides, the handful they make a year. At Town Meeting in March, voters approved the creation of a separate fund for the proceeds from that work, and at the July 15 selectmen’s meeting, the board signed a contract with the service […]

Practice Makes Perfect

Hampstead firefighters from left, Lt. Gary Morrison, Garret Gelineau and Travis Clark were three of the many firefighters who took part in a training session last week at the department to get familiar with some of the new extraction equipment recently purchased by the town. See story on page 9.