Cable Expands Into New Room at Hampstead Town Hall

HAMPSTEAD – The Hampstead Cable TV Advisory Board has expanded its base of operations in Town Hall. With the Town’s Human Resources Department outsourced to Derry, that office, which is next to and connected to the cable studio, became available and Cable snapped it up. The room is the place where Cable began.

The extra room allows for Cable meetings to be held in more comfortable surroundings. It also allows for the development of a second stage area in the studio. Cable Station Manager Bianca Nicolosi has taken charge of arranging the second stage area and making sure adequate lighting is properly placed for both stages.

“This added room is nice,” Nicolosi said. “When I need to do editing, it is quiet in here and makes the job easier to do.” At its Wednesday, July 10 meeting, the Cable committee discussed its webpage, and member Tom Shallow said he was surprised to learn that there is a direct link from the Town Web site directly to the Cable Web page where the concert schedule can be found.

The cable and concert information on the Web site has now been expanded to Facebook and Twitter, according to Nicolosi. She said the social networks are great places to get information out to the public.

Nicolosi said she has completed training Pinkerton Academy student Noah Levine so he can shadow chairman Clay Shaw when he does the live cable of the selectmen’s meetings Monday nights.
This will prepare Levine to step in and do the cablecast of the meeting if Shaw is unavailable. Levine will spend the summer working with Shaw, although he already has experience working on the crew that tapes the concerts.

In other business:
• Shaw said birds have taken over the outdoor stage.
One suggestion was after cleaning things up, a plastic owl be attached to the rafters. Shaw said it is worth a try.
• The spraying of the Old Meeting House field before concerts is working very well, Shaw said. He added that Beyond Vanilla Ice Cream is providing ice cream for sale during the concerts and is doing a brisk business.
“He is busy throughout the entire concert,” said member Howie Lyhte. “People don’t wait for intermission because there is always a long line, so they go all through the concert. It is working out well for him. All it takes is getting a permit from the Town to be a vendor during the concerts.”

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