New Signs to Remind Users of Wason Pond Rules

CHESTER – While the Wason Pond Conservation and Recreation Area has always had some after hours unsanctioned activities, new signs the police department will soon put up aim to tamp down that behavior by making sure that everyone knows the rules.

The general rule of thumb for the park is that it’s OK to be there between dawn and dusk, but after or before then could result in a visit from police. The recreation commission makes specific exceptions on a case by case basis.

Police chief Bill Burke said the signage currently on site can be missed by visitors, so additional signs will go up to make sure that all who intend to use the park after hours know that such activity is not allowed.

The police regularly patrol the area and have on many occasions thrown out after hours users.
Trash has also been a problem at the park. On warm summer days the beach, trails, playground and field are used heavily, and not all users abide by the carry in, carry out policy.

There aren’t any trash cans on site, so visitors must bring their own bags or other method of removing their refuse. The police also remind users of two other rules – the prohibition of both alcohol and smoking on the property. Too often, empty containers and cigarette butts are found on site, making it clear that some users are ignoring the rules. Recently, alcohol containers were also found on the steps of the Wason Pond Community Center.

Burke noted that not all users of the busy site are Chester residents, as the multi-use area is a popular spot across the local region. The Wason Pond Conservation Area consists of 105 acres.

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