Sandown Selectmen Review Buildings Improvement Plan

SANDOWN – The board of selectmen reviewed the town’s Building Infrastructure Improvement Plan, which includes projects with a price tag under $15,000. Pricier projects go to the Capital Improvements Plan (CIP).

At the July 1 selectmen’s meeting, Town Administrator Lynne Blaisdell brought the plan before the board for an update, noting that thanks to a low workload over the summer, it might be worth updating.

Since the plan was created in 2009, many of its items have been taken care of, including repairs to the front steps of Town Hall, installation of a non-skid surface on Town Hall’s handicap ramp, programmable thermostats at Town Hall, and a new water treatment system at the fire and police department. Currently being taken care of is the upgrade of the basement egress at the public library.

Blaisdell said she had contacted department heads to determine if there were new items that should be included. The selectmen reviewed the items and decided that while some were no longer palatable, others could be moved further into the future and decided on at a later date.

The highest cost item is a fire suppression system for Town Hall at about $10,000. The board left the item as is, but questioned the price tag and whether a full system was needed. Fire chief Bill Tapley has explained in the past that because of the building’s materials, a fire would spread very quickly within its walls.

The board questioned the need to replace the rarely used stove at Town Hall. The gas appliance has been the center of many discussions through the years, its frequency of use and safety at the heart of those talks. The board decided to leave the stove as is but to remove from the list a replacement electrical stove.

A card access system for the Town Hall was pushed into the future. The approximately $10,000 item would primarily be used by those renting the hall but considering the drop in its use since the Edward Garvey Recreation Facility was created, the selectmen didn’t see a pressing need to spend that kind of money.

Being looked at more closely and for the near future are upgrades to the Town Hall bathrooms. Blaisdell was asked to look into the cost of that project. Also a pending concern is the potential for an electrical system upgrade at Town Hall to allow for the future installation of a generator. While the board was operating under the assumption that the current panel was nearly overloaded, new information has contradicted that. Blaisdell was asked to have someone look into electricity use and whether a new panel was needed after all.

Other projects include the interior painting of the fire department and garage door replacement at the fire department.

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