Master Plan Photo Contest Under Way in Sandown

SANDOWN – Those with an eye for photography and knowledge of their town have the chance this month to see their pictures displayed prominently in Sandown’s Master Plan. Not only will their pictures help spruce up the visual aesthetics of the planning document but also make the at times dense text more appealing.

The planning board is seeking submissions for the master plan photo contest until June 27. They are seeking photos that relate to each of the plan’s many chapters. Planning’s administrative assistant Andrea Cairns is organizing the contest. She said the goal is to head each chapter with an appropriate picture and, if there are enough submissions, pepper each chapter with them as well.

The current plan, last updated in 2005, has few pictures. The Rockingham Planning Commission’s Julie LaBranche suggested including more pictures and planning board member Matt Russell suggested inviting the public to participate through a contest.

Following is a list of topics for which photographs are being sought: Chapter 1 – A Community Vision (goals about what the town is and could be in the future). Chapter 2 – Population. Chapter 3 – Housing. Chapter 4 – Buildout Analysis (land use potential based on existing zoning regulations). Chapter 5 – Community Facilities (schools, fire, police, library, town hall, cemetery). Chapter 6 – Recreation (town facilities and recreational resources). Chapter 7 – Transportation. Chapter 8 – Natural Resources. Chapter 9 – Current and Future Land Uses. Chapter 10 – Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Development (new).

Residents are invited to submit multiple pictures for any of the topics, but there is a 15 picture per person limit. While digital is preferred, the planning board does have a scanner and can accept printed photos as well.

The master plan is a document that aims to narrate what Sandown currently is, and what its residents see for it in the future. It’s a document that serves as an inventory of Sandown, outlining everything from population to housing stock to community facilities, while giving recommendations on how residents want to guide growth in those areas.

Members of the planning board and public have been at work over the course of more than a year updating the plan. If residents want to submit photographs for the contest, they can do so through the planning board office. The planning board membership will judge the pictures and winners will receive recognition from the town Make sure to include photo credit with submissions.

Questions can be directed to Andrea Cairns at 887-6085 or

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