Increase in Recycling is Saving Town Money

HAMPSTEAD – The members of the Recycling and Disposable Waste Committee have been saying all along that if more people would recycle, the Recycling and Waste Disposal budgeted amount would decrease. And the percentage of material recycled by Hampstead residents has risen, reaching 27 percent for May 2013.

Tina Harrington, the committee’s recording secretary, said that by comparing the current five month totals to the same periods over the last five years, she found that in the first five months of 2013, $6,000 was saved.
“If you compare the current five months to the first five months in 2008, the cost of tipping is down $18,000,” she said.

The committee was elated with the news.
The committee discussed where they wanted to focus their educational energy during the coming months and decided on composting. The committee will look into whether there might be a central location where a community composting site could be established, and to see what educational material could be put together for individual composting.

Member Bob Nugent said the committee should take a look at textile recycling and see what could be done to encourage that in Hampstead. In other business at its Wednesday, June 12 meeting, the committee authorized Harrington to allow the Hampstead Civic Club and St. Anne’s Church to borrow 10 or more recycling bins for their summer events. The organizations would return the bins after their events are over.

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