Hampstead School Maintenance Director Receives Funding for Work Needed

HAMPSTEAD – Before Michael Hall took over as facilities director for the Hampstead School District, the maintenance and repair budget was typically $150,000 to $160,000. The net result was that the infrastructures of both schools were reaching serious levels of disrepair. The Turner Report outlined what immediately needed to be done and laid out a five-year plan to get caught up on the items needing repair, renovation, or replacement. This was several years ago and the items on the Turner Report are still being picked away at.

Hall upped the repair and maintenance budget to $270,000 and has diligently been trying to repair, renovate, or replace the various elements of the schools’ infrastructure and return the buildings to as good a condition as is reasonable given their age and use. This past budget season saw the School Board carve $100,000 off of Hall’s budget forcing him to make some very difficult choices and to postpone some projects that need immediate attention for another year. Hall came before the School Board Tuesday evening after receiving encouragement to do so from the Facilities Committee to see if the board would approve his request for an additional $30,000 to address three of those projects that now really need attention. Hall requested the board approve transferring the money from the surplus account in the current budget to his repair and maintenance budget.

The most expensive of the three projects for which he is requesting additional funding is partitioning storage rooms at Central School. Storage, as already noted by the Space Utilization Report given to the board earlier, is one of the deficiencies at the school. The cost of this project, Hall said, would be around $20,000. Hall said he was hoping for additional bids but he felt comfortable that this was an appropriate price for the work.
The second project at Central School involves removing removal and infill of the south wing corridor window, which Hall estimates will cost about $7,000. Again, he is hoping for additional bids but he feels this is the appropriate figure for this project.

The third project, and least expensive, is repairing and replacing the restroom flooring in Rooms 118 and 222 as needed. He estimates the cost of this at about $1,000. The total cost of the three projects, based on received bids and his own research, is estimated to be $29,000, slightly less than the $30,000 for which he asked from the board. When pressed by board member Jim Stewart for a figure that would cover all eventualities, Hall said he thought a swing of $3,000 either way would be probably what one could expect. Stewart then made a motion to approve transferring an amount not to exceed $35,000 from this current surplus budget to Hall’s repair and maintenance budget. The board approved the motion unanimously.

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