Britton Guilty of Sexual Assault of a Minor; Possessing Illegal Images

CHESTER – After nearly two years of investigations and court proceedings Chester’s Gary Britton,60, has been found guilty of sexually assaulting a minor and has plead guilty to possessing images of child pornography on his computer. Late last month, days after a jury quickly found Britton guilty of felonious sexual assault of a minor under the age of 13, Britton plead guilty to 10 counts of possessing child pornography.

Britton was arrested by Chester police in Sept. of 2011 for failure to register as a convicted sex offender. Concurrent with that arrest child pornography was found on a computer in his rented home at 482 Fremont Road. That discovery began the ball rolling for police investigations which found and located Britton’s victim.

An internet chat room discussion alerted police to the victim, a woman who had for years remained silent until the Chester police contacted her.
After a single day trial which largely focused on the testimony of the abused and Britton’s attempts to silence her, he was found guilty of sexually abusing the victim for four years in the 1990’s, beginning when she was nine years old. It’s been a long process for police, but a much longer one for the victims of Britton’s attacks.

Chester’s Lt. Aaron Berube led the case and investigations into Britton’s behavior and he remarked that he was pleased with the outcome. “I’m glad that justice was served for the survivors of sexual assault. And they are survivors. They’re coping with life every day,” said Berube. Though it took a while to arrive, Berube conceded it was good news for all that justice was found. “The Chester police department strives to find justice for all sexual assault victims,” said Berube.

Police chief Bill Burke was pleased that Britton may remain behind bars for the rest of his life. Burke noted that the investigation and trial process was difficult for many, but that it was good for victims to finally speak after years of silence. Burke noted that tactics were employed to not only question the victim’s recollection but to drag Berube’s police work through the mud, but that at the end of the day justice was served.

It’s been suspected by police that there are other victims spread out over Britton’s life. At least one more victim came forward to the police with allegations of sexual abuse, but the statute of limitations had expired for them to be a part of the case against Britton. Britton faces one more charge, of felon in possession of a handgun. That trial is scheduled for July, after which sentencing will take place.

According to the NH Department of Safety, in 1983 Britton was convicted of Aggravated Felonious Sexual Assault on a victim younger than 13 years of age. Also on his record are previous charges of failing to register as an offender and a stalking charge, both in 2001. And in 1979 he was convicted of indecent exposure and lewdness. Britton’s name can be found on the New Hampshire State Police Registration of Criminal offenders website:

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