Conservation Questions Proposed Access Road for Middle School

HAMPSTEAD – The Conservation Commission received the Dredge and Fill application for a proposed emergency second access road for Hampstead Middle School, and has reservations with the project.
Commission members discussed the application and noted that there appear to be three areas of fill into wetlands, with no retention ponds proposed to treat the areas where the wetlands would be crossed. In all, about 57,000 square feet would be disturbed.

Member Paul Carideo questioned the sight-line where the proposed access road would empty onto Emerson Avenue. He said there isn’t sufficient sight-line on Emerson Avenue for stopping and cited this as a concern.

The commission was scheduled for a site walk May 25, and will then draft a letter to the state Department of Environmental Services outlining its concerns and reservations. The commission’s recommendation would be for construction of a non-paved access road or at the very least, an alternative design that would skirt the wetlands or provide mitigation of wetland intrusions. Assistant Superintendent Winfried Feneberg was invited to the site walk.
In other business:

• The bridge construction being conducted by Brent Ebner to rebuild the bridge near the Duston parcel and the heron rookery at the Darby Brook Conservation Area appears to be going in on private rather than conservation land. Chairman Tim Lovell said he would meet with Ebner and ask that he obtain written permission from all abutters.
• The survey of the Emmert property has not yet been done. The Planning Board agreed to allow the Conservation Commission to do only a lot line adjustment rather than a full-blown subdivision survey. Carideo said he has spoken with the surveyor, Holden Engineering of Bedford, and had expected the updated agreement to have been delivered to the Selectmen’s Office, but that hasn’t happened.

He said he would contact the surveyor again and if he isn’t available to do the work, he will seek another surveyor. Doing a lot line adjustment instead of a subdivision should reduce the cost of the survey work by half or close to that. The new property the commission is purchasing would be added to the property the commission recently purchased from Poy Lew, adjacent to the Emmert parcel.

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