Beach Committee Disbands with Project Complete

HAMPSTEAD – The Beach Committee has worked hard over the last couple of years to get drainage and erosion control measures designed, funded and implemented at the Town Beach. The run-off of water in rain storms from the roads in the beach area had been eroding the beach every year, and had created a variety of drainage and erosion problems at the beach. Last week, the committee met and Chairwoman Kim Colbert said with satisfaction that the project was finished.

“It is a done deal,” she said. “We’ve done what we can do and we’ve spent most of the allotted funding and we need to let the Selectmen know we have completed the project and as of tonight are dissolving this committee.”

There might be a few dollars left after the bill for the plants is paid but it will be returned to the General Fund, Colbert said. The maintenance of the new drainage trench and culverts will be dealt with by the Recreation Commission, Road Agent Jon Worthen and Building and Grounds department head Steve Harms, as the town takes over now.

Colbert thanked the members of the committee and said the future of the beach is now much safer than it was while sand was washed away into Sunset Lake. The committee was pleased that its efforts had accomplished the goal they had set out to reach.

Member Sally Theriault, who is the selectmen’s Administrative Assistant, announced the Beach Committee was disbanding at the selectmen’s meeting that followed the final Beach meeting. The selectmen asked that a thank you letter be sent to the committee for its effort and achievement.

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