Planning Continues for Proposed Scenic Byway

The multi-community committee for the proposed Frost/Stagecoach Scenic Byway reviewed comments from a public hearing held in Chester in April, and received accident data concerning locations around the byway.
Communities involved are Hampstead, Chester, Derry and Auburn.

Meeting last week at the Old Meeting House in Hampstead, the committee looked at opportunities for raising awareness and sharing of local historical resources to enhance local communities. They said education along the byway could be developed through use of historic markers, outreach, phone apps, and brochures.

The need for a dedicated website was discussed but for now there will be links to byways documents from the Rockingham Planning Commission and Southern New Hampshire Planning Commission websites.
Conservation and education opportunities abound, they said, and include working with developers before development to protect and preserve vistas and natural resources.

The thrust of the effort is to ensure that the byway is a tourist attraction and is marketed to support local businesses. However, the committee still awaits state approval for the byway.
Adam Hlasny of the Southern New Hampshire Planning Commission presented a list of the 10 top accident locations along the proposed Byway. This included six in Derry, three in Hampstead and one in Chester. The data was drawn from the years 2002 through 2010.

The accident locations are:
• Routes 121 and 111, Hampstead, 64 accidents, yearly average of 8, 22 injuries.
• Route 28 and Lawrence Road, Derry, 52 accidents, yearly average 7.4, 18 injuries.
• Route 121 and Emerson Avenue, Hampstead, 44 accidents, 5.5 yearly average, 21 injuries.
• Danforth Circle (rotary), Derry, 44 accidents, 4.3 yearly average, 35 injuries.
• Route 28 at Island Pond Road, Derry, 34 accidents, 4.3 yearly average, 19 injuries.
• Route 102 and Tsienneto Road, Derry, 32 accidents, 4 yearly average, 15 injuries.
• Routes 28 and 102, Derry, 32 accidents, 4 yearly average, 23 injuries.
• Route 121 and Hampstead Road, Hampstead, 31 accidents, 4.4 yearly average, 32 injuries.
• Bypass 28 and English Range Road, Derry, 31 accidents, 3.9 per year, 11 injuries.
• Routes 102 and 121, Chester, 21 accidents, 2.6 yearly average, nine injuries.
The group plans to meet again in August.

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