Good News and Bad for Police Building Committee

HAMPSTEAD – The Police Building Committee dodged a bullet when it learned that Town Engineer Nick Cricenti’s statement at a recent Planning Board meeting that both Recreation and the new police station would need an Alteration of Terrain permit proved incorrect.

Police Building Committee member Kris Emerson contacted Kyle Barker, the architect of record for the police station, and notified him about what Cricenti said. Barker then consulted with Mark Gross, an engineer working on the police station with Barker, and who was the engineer when the IronGate Development was done. An Alteration of Terrain permit was obtained for that development.

Gross, of MHF Design Consultants, advised Barker that he had consulted with the state Department of Environmental Services (DES) and was told that since the projects, IronGate Development and Veterans Way, are under separate ownership – Stonehill Builders owned IronGate and the Town owned Veterans Way – “That it would not be appropriate to require developments along the town road to have to file with NHDES for an AOT (alteration of terrain) approval.”

Police Building Committee chairman Steve Londrigan expressed relief, as did the Recreation Commission’s Kim Colbert, who was in attendance at the Wednesday, May 15, Police Building Committee meeting. While the permit information was good news, information on grant money availability was the evening’s bad news. The committee had been led to believe that grant money was available for construction of the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) in the new police building. Fire Chief Michael Carrier, however, learned no grant money is available for construction.

Available grants could be used to furnish the Emergency Operations Center, provide it with electronic and computer equipment and possibly provide a generator to power the EOC room in an emergency.
“This is a disappointing setback,” Londrigan said.

The committee had hoped to seek up to $100,000 in grant money; it now looks like that would be in the neighborhood of $25,000 to $50,000. The project is expected to go to bid in mid to late summer.

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