Dover Man Indicted for Murder in Death of Chester Woman

CHESTER – Dover resident Seth Mazzaglia, 30, has been indicted in the death and disappearance of Elizabeth ‘Lizzi’ Marriott. In the indictment out of Strafford County Superior Court, Mazzaglia is facing two counts of first degree murder, one of second degree murder and one of Conspiracy to Commit Hindering Apprehension or Prosecution.

Marriott disappeared last fall and after an in-depth search, authorities announced her death. Her body has not been recovered. At the time of her death, she had been commuting from her aunt and uncle’s home in Chester to the University of New Hampshire. Mazzaglia is accused of causing Marriott’s death by strangling her, and the indictments lay out how authorities believe he committed the act and then tried to cover it up by misdirecting police.

One of the first degree murder charges indicates that Mazzaglia murdered Marriott before, after or while attempting to commit felonious sexual assault. A second individual, Kathryn McDonough, Mazzaglia’s girlfriend, is also implicated in the murder. According to court documents, after Marriott’s death, McDonough sent a text message to Marriott’s phone asking why she had not shown up for their planned visit at Mazzaglia’s Dover apartment.

Both Mazzaglia and McDonough are accused of deleting messages on their own phones that discussed that planned visit. The indictments then lay out how both Mazzaglia and McDonough went about disposing of Marriott’s body and possessions across the region. The indictments also indicate that authorities believe that both accused discussed how they would cover up the murder, creating a false alibi, or when that failed, how the death was accidental and occurred during consensual sexual activity.

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