New Police Station Design Update Goes to Architect

HAMPSTEAD – The Police Building Committee got a look at a new design arrived at by its Construction Sub-committee. The overall dimensions of the original design did not change, and may even offer a slightly smaller footprint. But some exterior building walls were brought into alignment, some windows were added for aesthetic purposes, the Training Room/Emergency Operations Center (EOC) space was enlarged along with the patrolmen’s locker room, one interview room was removed, and the garage areas was reduced slightly.

Committee member Kris Emerson said he had contacted the people who control grants for Emergency Operations Centers and was told a multi-purpose room should be labeled as Training Room/EOC in order to apply for a grant. Emerson told the Police Building Committee at its meeting Wednesday, April 24, that he was told millions of dollars are available as grants for the construction and outfitting of EOCs and the committee should move as quickly as possible to get the application process under way.

He said Fire Chief Michael Carrier is working with the grant sub-committee to start the application process. The construction sub-committee made the design changes after meeting with police officers and the Chief of Police and getting their input. The sub-committee does not think the changes will result in any change in the overall cost but asked the committee to approve the design as proposed so it can be forwarded to Kyle Barker of Barker Architects, Inc., Concord, the architect of record. He can then incorporate the changes in his design and determine whether they will work and whether they will result in any cost changes.

Emerson said he had a meeting scheduled with Barker for April 30, after the Tri-Town Times went to press. The committee discussed the proposed changes at length. Committee chair Steve Londrigan had reservations about the enlarged size of the EOC/Training Room and the fact that the entrance to the computer room was through dispatch. While he thought that posed a danger, Police Chief Joe Beaudoin said it was not a problem.

The committee voted unanimously to forward the proposed design with the changes to Barker to incorporate into the final design.
In other business:
• The energy sub-committee plans to re-initiate contact with several alternate power (solar) companies. Now that the building has been approved for construction, the companies can provide more exact information on cost and savings and how it would work.
• Public Service Company of New Hampshire (PSNH) has offered to make recommendations for lighting once the building is at that point, and provide the building with energy efficient and cost-effective lighting recommendations, along with providing some rebates.
• The committee voted unanimously that no sub-committee can make a binding decision. Binding decisions can only come from the full committee at its regularly scheduled weekly meetings.

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