Selectmen Approve Hiring Animal Control Assistant

HAMPSTEAD – The Board of Selectmen heard from Police Chief Joe Beaudoin about the need to appoint an assistant for the Town’s Animal Control Officer, Sheila Johannesen. Johannesen’s assistant resigned to take a full-time position in another town, Beaudoin said. He noted that the assistant position doesn’t involve many hours but is important, and suggested that as it is a part-time position, it would be more appropriate to refer to those who initially applied for the Animal Control job rather than advertising the opening.

“We had five or six candidates who applied for the job and they were all good, but I would recommend appointing Moira Wentworth for the assistant position,” he said. “She has the time and she lives here in Hampstead. She would be supervised by Johannesen.” The board discussed this briefly and unanimously voted to appoint Wentworth as the Town’s Assistant Animal Control Officer.

In other business at Monday night’s meeting:
• Beaudoin asked the board to consider a recommendation from the Highway Safety Committee to erect a streetlight at the corner of Country Road and Central Street. He told the board this had been requested by neighborhood residents.
The chief said the area has lots of children and there have been three fatalities in the general area over the last few years. He told the board that another neighborhood has requested the removal of a streetlight – the street light near St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church – so there would be no additional electricity costs and the company would erect the light.
“The Highway Safety Committee recommends this action but it is up to the Board of Selectmen to approve it,” Beaudoin said.
The board discussed this briefly before unanimously approving the action.
• The board discussed whether to meet on Memorial Day and decided to cancel its May 13 and May 27 meetings and instead meet only once in May, on May 20. The board members plan to attend a By-Ways meeting scheduled for Monday, May 13, at 7 p.m. at the Old Meeting House and left the door open to call a special second May meeting if necessary.
• The town’s telephone system has new extension numbers. Zero will no longer take callers to the operator – the new extension for Tina Harrington is 115.
• The selectmen approved re-appointing Charlene Flaherty as an Alternate Library Trustee, approved appointing Tom Shallow to the Cable TV Advisory Board, and approved appointing Nancy Fulmore to the Ordway Park Committee.
• The selectmen approved sending thank-you letters to those who volunteered to install the new town telephones

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