Library Trustees Pursuing Furnace Replacement Cost Estimates

HAMPSTEAD – The Library Trustees have start- ed researching options and costs of furnace replacement for the library. The building has two sets of two furnaces, one newer than the other. The decision was made to look at several replacement options.

Option one would be to replace the older set of furnaces. Option two would be to replace all four furnaces at the same time. Option three would be to convert from oil to gas furnaces. The Trustees have already determined that the two older furnaces should be replaced in the near future.

Library Director Deb Hiett told the Trustees last week that preliminary figures indicate option one would cost about $14,502. Option two, replacing all four furnaces, would be roughly $28,174, while converting to gas and installing all new equipment would run approximately $25,666. These estimated figures are from one vendor only and are only to get a picture of what the cost might be. The Trustees asked for more cost information and if option three were to be considered, a fuel cost comparison.

The Library’s Non-Capital Reserve Maintenance and Equipment Fund has just over $13,000. If voters approve the library’s request for $10,000 more in March, that would bring the fund balance up to about $23,000, enough to replace the two older furnaces at least.

The Trustees tabled the discussion and encouraged Hiett to gather additional information. In other business:
• Hiett reported the library has been added to the Town’s contract with PNE for electric energy and is getting the same discounted rate given the town.

• A new book display
that will have a new theme monthly is in place. The January display was Africa, and February’s theme is “A Blind Date with a Book.”

“The display is looking a bit lean right now because so many people have cho- sen to participate and selected a package to have ‘A Blind Date with a Book,’” Hiett said. “We have an added online service where by people can get books in advance by putting their name and library number in and reserving a book from the list of future books from the online catalogue.”

• The library will soon have two new computer interns from Pinkerton Academy. One is from Hampstead. One of the
interns, selected by Pinkerton for the position, will offer one-on-one computer tutoring for library patrons. The other will be developing an electronic interior map of the library for patron use. Both are expected to begin next month.

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