Hampstead Selectmen Accept Gift of Telephone System

HAMPSTEAD – The Board of Selectmen received a surprise gift of a new tele- phone system Monday evening. Mike Higgins gave the Town a new AVAYA phone system to replace the one cur- rently in place in the Town Office Building. The AVAYA Magix PBX system offers caller ID and is widely used by U.S. government agencies, Higgins told the board.

“The ‘gift’ includes in- stallation of one AVAYA Magix PBX System, one Merlin Messaging Voicemail System, operator console, 16-plus phones, Auto A- ttendant set-up and on-site end user training for one day,” he said. The board asked if it needed to hold a public hearing for the gift and Hig- gins confirmed the gift is under the criteria for a public hearing.

He said this is a refurbished system similar to the one he installed in the Hampstead Police Depart- ment in 2006. The board voted unani- mously to accept the gift and allowed Higgins to go into the basement to see where the best spot would be to install the equipment. He told the board there is surface wiring taped to the floor that he plans to improve.

In other business:

• Recreation Commis- sion Chairman Kim Colbert asked the board to approve the creation of an Expend- able Trust for Donations and Gifts for the Commis- sion. The wording of the proposal was submitted by the Town Attorney and it was decided that the term Chairman of the Recreation Commission would be the authority for expending any

funds from the trust after a vote from the Recreation Commission was obtained. The next step will be to post for a public hearing for acceptance of the initial contribution to open the Expendable Trust. The date has not been set.

• The board decided to meet at 6:15 p.m. Monday, March 4, for the purpose of determining what is hap- pening with its electric power provider, as the Town’s provider, PNE, has left the state and the town will have to decide what provider to use. The infor- mation the town has received to date is confusing and the board wants to con- sider returning to White Columns, the provider it worked with last year.

The selectmen will make a decision on the matter Monday, and in the interim, is seeking more information.

• Selectmen’s Administrative Assistant Sally Theri- ault told the board that the Federal Emergency Man- agement Agency (FEMA) would be reimbursing the town $6,770 for the Octo- ber storm spending and that she was working on the Nemo Blizzard figures.

She said she knew that about $40,000 had been spent on that storm. If FEMA desig- nates it a reimbursable storm, she will file for that as well.

• Theriault told the board the Town Report is at the printers and is expected in the Town Office before March 5.

• Theriault told the board that new regulations have been issued regarding Storm Water Management and the notice she received regarding this said some towns would face a cost of $78,000 to $329,000 to meet the new criteria. She said she was not informed whether Hampstead was one of those towns or whether the Storm Water Management Plan the Town has in place is going to meet muster, but she plans to go to an upcoming meeting to get those answers.

• Matthew Johnson, a new Hampstead resident, met the board before the meeting, as he is interested in joining the Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA) as an alternate. The board sug- gested after talking with him that while he is obviously well qualified, it would be good for him to attend the next ZBA meeting and then get back to the board regarding his decision on whether to apply for alternate status.

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