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This service is provided free of charge to readers who wish to announce the birth of their child (grandchild), marriage engagement, wedding, or milestone event such as a Silver Wedding Anniversary. This is a great way to share your news with your local community. You can place your announcement in one paper, two papers, or all three papers. The Londonderry Times, Nutfield News, and Tri-Town Times also accepts Obituary Notices.

Letters to the Editor
Readers of the Londonderry Times, Nutfield News and Tri-Town Times are encouraged to let us know what they think. If you have a bit of news, perhaps some timely information to share with your fellow townsfolk, there is no better way than in our “Letters to the Editor” section. Cheers, complaints, editorial criticisms and just plain musings are welcome. Keep it short and to the point. You can place your letter in one paper, two papers, or all three papers. You may submit your letters to our editor at lodonnell@nutpub.net. Naturally, Nutfield Publishing reserves the right to trim and/or reject submitted letters for space and content.

Sports Submissions
If you have an interesting story idea on a local sports team, now is your chance to share with your community. You can fax your ideas to 537-2765 or you can email them to sports@nutpub.net. Please include your name, a detailed message and any contact information. Keep them clean and concise and we may include your story idea in the next issue.

Suggestions for articles in the Londonderry Times, Nutfield News and Tri-Town Times are welcome and subject to review by the publisher. Decisions of the publisher are final. Views contained within published articles do not necessarily represent the views of the publisher or Nutfield Publishing. No article, photographs or other materials in the Londonderry Times, Nutfield News, and/or Tri-Town may be re-published or re-written or otherwise used without the express permission of the publisher.

Community Events
This section is meant to be used to announce free events to the communities. If your group or non-profit is receiving money for what they are publicizing, there will be a charge of $30.00 a week per paper. All Around Town/Calendar items will be held to 100 words maximum: anything over will incur a charge of $30.00 a week for up to another 50 words. All free announcements in the Around Town/Calendar section can run a maximum of 3 weeks. Additionally: We will run the full versions of any caendar items online free of charge at www.nutpub.net. Please send submissions to calendar@nutpub.net

Please contact us at (603)-537-2760 or email us at londonderrytimes@nutpub.net

Please submit to any of the above. We’d love to hear from you.